What does “Peccati di Gola” mean?

Most of our clients asks about the origin of our restaurant name and what really means “Peccati di Gola“.

The term Peccati di Gola basically includes a little part of hunger and an huge part of gluttony: it is the feeling that everyone faces in front of a strong dubt between two kind of dishes, where the first could be, for example, a super-tasty tagliatelle with bolognese sauce and the other a light salad. Maybe you are not so hungry, and a salad could be enough, but you really want to eat something delicious and, at last, your choice is a pasta dish.

Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce
Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce
Caprese salad

Or for example, at the end of your meal you want to check the dessert menu, even if you are full and you could avoid to eat something else. But finally you can’t resist!

Mascarpone with berries sauce

We decided to name our restaurant “Peccati di Gola” because italian typical food is one of the most dangerous way to “fall in gluttony sin”, especially thanks to the rich flavour of sauces, the huge variety of food and freshness of the ingredients.

The majority of all ingredients we offer in our menu is directly imported from Italy, to guarantee the real italian food experience. We really care about offering the best italian food and wine our client could find on the market.


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